Frequently Asked Questions

Our delivery service will commence from 1pm, an hour after opening.

The last cut off time for a delivery order is 11pm, an hour before closing.

We deliver to a 4 mile radius however locations closer to the full 4 mile limit may have to be rejected at peak or busy periods in order to keep out high level of service and standards intact.

We always try to deliver as soon as however many factors such as peak busy periods, rush hour and weather can affect the time keeping at times. The best alternative is to pre order for collection.

We are partnered with all three platforms however we recommend ordering in house from our website to receive an all in one and hassle free service with the highest standards.

Our customers' health & safety is an utmost priority and we will seek to serve each and every customer, in order to fulfil their expectations. An allergy should always be mentioned during the ordering process in order to protect the customers' health.

Yes we have specifically put together a vegan section on the menu to cater for our non meat eating customers. Do note that traces may be found as the kitchen must work with a mixed variety of ingredients as part of the menu which present some conditions which cannot be controlled.

Currently we do not have special requirements such as gluten free options however We will be working hard to cater for every kind of requirement for customers which will always be advertised appropriately.

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