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Our Mild sauce is not hot at all, but it’s utterly exquisite! We’ve taken inspiration on Indian Bhuna, spices fried in ghee. For a sauce that might not pack any heat, it’s brimming with the most heartwarming Indian flavours. When it comes to flavour, this sauce is not mild at all, it’s just not fierce, that’s all!

Sweet N' Sour

Treat your taste buds to the best of two worlds: our Sweet & Sour sauce is inspired by the famous Dhansak curry, an Indian specialty with Persian soul. Balance is the name of the game with this sauce; it’s neither too sweet nor sour — it’s perfect! Tangy and with the loveliest zing, our S&S sauce is finger-lickin’ good!


Let’s kick things up a notch with our Medium flavoured sauce. We’ve taken inspiration for this beauty in the spicy and herb-scented Madras curry. Chilli peppers are fundamental here, but they’re just one piece of this tempting puzzle. Spirited and piquant, yet still tolerable and flavorful, this well-rounded sauce will have you singing for more!


For lovers of a good, fiery meal, our Hot sauce is guaranteed to make you blush. This one gets its personality from the Bengal Jalfrezi curry, hot-fried goodness with a vibrant flavour like no other. If you think this sauce is hot, you are right, but it’s equally as delicious! Enjoy this sauce’s comfy taste while its heat captivates you.

Extra Hot

Put your mouth on fire with our Extra Hot sauce. This one’s inspired by the insanely hot naga pepper, the powerful ghost pepper that hunts the most adventurous palates worldwide. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, our fire-flavoured sauce has you covered. Don’t worry, this one’s more than liquid fire, it’s delightful, that if you can take the heat!


Who We Are?

At 5IVE GRILL, we have selectively chosen a handful of the most famously loved flavours from the nation's favourite ‘Indian Cuisine’ which is relished by all. Fusing together these authentic, mouthwatering flavours brings a whole new experience of exotically flavoursome grilled food.

Our decorated chefs at 5IVE GRILL are the first to achieve this style in collaborating these flavours, with a promise to bring more diversified flavours through promotions and tasters.

At 5IVE GRILL we are all about setting the trend and sitting forward with the future.

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